Do You need self-adhesive tape?

This year we are celebrating *** 19 YEARS *** of successful management

Production and printing of self-adhesive tapes


Self-adhesive floor marking tape is a product intended for public spaces and anyone who wants to warn about the distance and preserve the health of their workers and customers.


2b2 tape is a product of the company DOMI-TAPE, specially developed for closing nylon bags with products such as bread, fruits and vegetables in the food or bakery industry or in the household.

That your logo and your company name would already be seen on the packaging. Self-adhesive tape with printing on white, brown or transparent base.

Tapes for painters, decorators, car painters. Regular or boosted thermal resistance.

All kinds of self-adhesive tapes, transparent, brown and white, as well as colors according to your choice.

Self-adhesive tapes, sticky on both sides for the printing industry, for fixing of floor coverings, car body...

For packing and wrapping goods on pallets with machines and manually.

Save time and effort. Use our packaging machines.

Self-adhesive tape and closing machine for bags

We offer you a special product of 2b2 tape with a small machine intended for closing PP and PE bags.


Serbian Chamber of Commerce confirms with this certificate, that the company DOMI TAPE Ltd, VAT no. 10092932, fulfilled the conditions for issuing this certificate. The basis of the certificate is the credit report and regular oversight by the credit rating company “Coface”.